Wise Aging

Americans fear aging. Unlike many other cultures in which aging is associated with wisdom, and where older generations are viewed and treated with respect, Americans often respond to aging with disdain or indifference. Because of this many of the challenges that come with growing older are diminished, dismissed, or ignored.  Yet there are many unique opportunities that come with aging, and a mindful approach to these opportunities enables us to approach our own aging and that of our contemporaries with intention, awareness, and energy. Wise Aging is a uniquely Jewish approach of how to infuse our lives with mindfulness as we navigate growing older.  In a small group setting we will explore our respective life journeys, and address topics such as dealing with aging parents, physical and emotional changes and challenges in ourselves and our loved ones, being a parent to adult children and a grandparent to their children, and many others.  This course is geared to those 50 and over and necessitates consistent participation in order to establish a productive group dynamic. 

Cost | $72

Please RSVP to Jessica@aspenjewish.org to secure your spot. 

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